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Broaden your product offering and enhance relationships with customers

There are lots of healthcare IT companies out there.  Your time is limited.  You need to focus on robust, proven solutions that allow you to bring the most value to your customers now and in the future.  Micro-Office Systems is the kind of company you're looking for, and here's why.

Trust and Reliability in Partnerships

We've been dedicated to this industry since 1985.  Some of our resellers have been working with us for that long.  That's because we understand the value you bring and we tailor our solutions to integrate with yours.  We respect your relationships with your customers and support you for the long term.

Enhancing Value

Medical Office Systems enhances the value of the systems and services you sell. Our conversion capabilities, library of proven interfaces and Meaningful Use-certified patient portal give you additional tools to enhance value for your customers. Our products quickly and comprehensively integrate with your other systems to bring a new level of value to practices and clinics.

Not only do we equip you with the marketing material and pre- and post-sale support that you require, but we also price our products and services so that you can realize a healthy profit margin.

Real-World, Extensive Healthcare IT Experience

We are uniquely experienced at connecting healthcare IT systems so that they efficiently serve practitioners and patients. We extend the capabilities of PMS and EMR/EHR systems by providing seamless connectionware that links them with external systems via any of our proven interfaces. Do you need a specific interface? We probably have it. If not, we can build it quickly. 

Are you looking for a patient portal that will enable you to tap into the growing trend toward online and automated doctor-patient communications? Our Patient Communications Gateway (PCG) is the most comprehensive patient portal in the industry, already certified for MACRA/MIPS Compliance. In fact, we guarantee that your doctor-clients will meet key Meaningful Use Stage 2 milestones!

Want to sell a new practice management system and promise your customers that they'll be able to transfer all their data accurately and securely?  Go ahead. We've got your back.  We are leaders in conversions from legacy to the latest systems.

Personal Touch

We stress the long-term relationship, not the quick one-off sale. We trust that you find us one of the most amicable, professional companies that you have ever worked with.

Patient Communications Gateway

PCG is an integrated patient and doctor portal that medical practices use to streamline every aspect of bi-directional doctor-patient communications. PCG’s advanced communications and sophisticated integration with existing medical systems enhance services to patients while saving practices time and money. Patients are able to access and update their medical information and appointment scheduling via their computers, tablets and smartphones.

Healthcare IT Interfaces

Hundreds of MOS interfaces currently connect a wide range of medical systems with batch and real-time data transfer. Built for scalability, our interfaces are cost-effective from low-volume batch file transfer to high-speed, high-volume real-time transaction processing. Our interfaces integrate easily with PM and EHR systems providing a new level of integration that enhances data accuracy and transfer speed.

Data Conversions / Extractions

With nearly three decades of experience converting numerous PM and EHR systems, we have developed the software and processes for capturing legacy data and re-formatting it for immediate use in new systems. Speed and accuracy of conversions are enhanced and new systems come online faster with MOS conversion capabilities.