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Frequently asked questions from our customers

Below, we respond to many of the questions we receive from our customers. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

FAQs for Dealers/Resellers

Patient Communications Gateway, like all MOS products, was designed to integrate rapidly and completely with practice management, EMR and other clinical and financial systems. We work with you to make the smooth connections between your other systems and PCG so you can continue to sell and deploy it with confidence. Our interfaces are used between many healthcare systems exchanging transactions in batch and real-time every day. If your need is for an interface from our ever-expanding library, you can acquire it. If not, we can quickly create it for you.

You always own your customers! Our company has been in business for nearly 30 years supporting re-sellers from Day 1. We understand the work involved in getting a sale and pleasing the customer. We work with you behind the scenes to enhance your relationship with YOUR customer. We tailor support contracts so that you can be the party that provides the direct support.   

Absolutely! We work in the background to provide you with the missing links to your comprehensive offering. Do you need an advanced patient portal that is Meaningful Use certified? PCG is your answer. Do you need to interface with external systems for transfer of patient and financial data?  We are the leaders. Do you need to do the migration from old systems to your systems?  We are experts.

We are here to help.

In many cases, our re-sellers like to be the face in front of the customer. They handle Tier 1 and 2 support and only turn to us if the reported problems seem too severe and difficult to solve. Other re-sellers prefer to have their customers call us directly for support of our products. We do that, too, while always respecting your relationship with your customer.

We provide training for your support people and we like to collaborate with you on tough problems, if they arise.

Micro-Office Systems holds seminars and training classes for re-sellers. We provide video instruction as well. We also provide product brochures, case studies, white papers and other marketing collateral that are downloadable from our website. We are open to re-branding when that will support your sales model.

FAQs for Vendors

Our Patient Communications Gateway is designed to integrate with practice management and electronic medical record systems. Within a very short period of time, your technical people and ours can integrate the systems seamlessly updating data in your databases and extending features of your system to suit patient requirements. When you adopt PCG, you integrate the most advanced doctor/patient portal and patient-engagement system in the industry.

Micro-Office Systems’ interfaces connect hundreds of disparate healthcare systems performing millions of transactions around the clock. They work in real-time and batch according to all the communication requirements of modern and legacy systems and are scalable to accommodate massive volumes of data.. We have already delivered proven interfaces inter-connecting many of today’s most popular systems. In fact, our expertise with interfaces, honed over many years, enables us to respond rapidly to virtually any interface requirement with a reliable and accurate solution.

Vendors find that they must develop a lot of one-off or low-volume interfaces to suit their customers, practice by practice. We specialize in interfaces offering you an economy of scale that is virtually impossible to match. We develop interfaces that are used again and again. We have created a library of system interfaces that are already tested and working in the field. In fact, some of our interfaces are purchasable and downloadable from our website.

Micro-Office Systems has been in business for almost 30 years. Some of our customers have been with us for that long.  Our support commitments are long-term and comprehensive. We provide several support packages that are sure to meet all of your requirements. Our support team is on stand-by to receive any and all calls for help via phone, email, text message and fax. We work behind your company to help you give a friendly and comprehensive look-and-feel toward your customers.  We can train your personnel to provide Tier 1-3 support capabilities.

Our company has tackled some of the most difficult conversions that you could imagine. We have developed considerable in-house expertise and tools for making sure all demographic, financial and other information is transformed accurately.  We have developed comprehensive processes for testing the veracity of data and comparing outputs between the old and new system. Our proven interfaces help your system overcome specific difficulties arising from seldom-used communications with external systems.

Micro-Office Systems speeds up the process and accuracy of conversions enhancing customer satisfaction with your performance.  There is nothing like a smooth conversion process to win the confidence of your doctors and their office personnel!

Not only can you white-label PCG, but you can make it look like an exciting extension to your system. We want to support you in your developments and look at our portal, interfaces and conversion capabilities as ancillary software and expertise to your operation.

FAQs for Doctors/Practices

We address office efficiency in several ways.

  • Patient Communications Gateway (PCG) encourages patients to engage with your office while taking a significant workload off your staff. PCG provides patients with the easy-to-use means to make and manage appointments automatically. They can update their own demographic and insurance data. They are able to view lab results and refill prescriptions. They can also pay their bills online. All these capabilities and more are embedded in PCG.
  • Our interfaces automate system-to-system communications so that you can share patient and financial information privately and securely with external systems as necessary. Simplifying these often-tedious communications and making them robust and easily auditable reduces cumbersome IT activities.
  • All of our products are designed with decades of experience and expertise in smooth, painless integration and operation. Your patients feel more engaged while your office staff enjoys real the real automation benefits of IT, when it’s done right.

PCG already works with many PMSs. In fact, it was designed that way. We have tools and processes that we use to quickly customer PCG to include exactly the functions that you need.

A new PMS requires a new integration. It so happens that we are also conversion experts, so we have decades of experience helping practices and clinics adopt new technologies and systems. PCG inherits all the flexibility and integration attributes that we have carefully honed over the years. When you migrate to a new PMS, PCG migrates with you, providing the same services that you have been using without causing a new learning curve for your employees or your patients.

Unlike other such products, PCG was designed with real-world experience. While patient portals and certain forms of electronic communications are quite new, PCG provides a comfortable environment to all your patients. For example, it supports, and even enhances, traditional telephone and mail communications. It supports faxes, text messages, Internet browsers and other modes of communications. Each and every patient can find his or her own comfort level for engaging with the physician and the office.

We probably have a working interface for all or most of these external systems. If we have worked with your system before, we might have a plug-and-play interface for you already. If not, we can probably build an interface and test it in short order. As the experts in healthcare system integration, we specialize in inter-system communication. We have solved truly challenging integration problems for many of our re-sellers.

A division of our company is dedicated to interfaces. We stay abreast of new systems, requirements and regulations coming onto the market. We are well aware of what you are facing since you are not the only one. So, don’t face it alone. Come to Micro-Office Systems, the experts in healthcare system integration and take a load off your mind. You concentrate on what you know best. We support you.

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