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We are your data moving and patient communication partner. 

Your clients trust you. You can trust us. We have decades of experience helping healthcare consultants support their clients' healthcare data and patient communication needs.


Micro-Office Systems Solutions for Your Clients 


Extract Reporting Data from Practice Management Systems and EHRs

Getting information out of many PM and EHR systems can be daunting. MOS has a broad set of tools for extracting data, and we have done so successfully from hundreds of systems. From GL Accounting transactions and productivity numbers needed for calculating physician revenue sharing, to audit info, and everything in between.


Help your Clients Improve MIPS Scores through Patient Engagement Tools

Whether the practice has an EHR or not, our tools can help improve Quality Measures. With tools that actually make workflow easier for patients and staff.


Help Practices Retire and Archive Data from Costly Old Systems that Present a Security Risk

It is essential to preserve old records to satisfy legal compliance requirements. But older systems represent security risks, high maintenance costs, and risk of failure. MOS provides healthcare data archives that are low cost to maintain, and comply with legal requirements by being faithful to the original data.


Help your Enterprise Clients Streamline their Operations

Eliminate the time-consuming repetitive manual tasks staff perform due to systems that are not fully automated. We offer a broad set of state-of-the-art automation tools that can automate even stubborn processes.The key to a successful automation is the in-depth discovery phase. This is a phase in which you, as the consultant, play a critical role. Learn more about our intelligent workflow automation services here. 

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