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Clearer statements, fewer problems, faster payments

Create clear and flexible printed and electronic patient statements and send them the way each patient wants to receive them.

Create statements the way you want them to look and send them the way your patients want to receive them. Encourage prompt payment.

eStatements (electronic statements)

Deliver statements electronically to the patient.

  • Patients get their statements right away. No need to wait for the mail to be delivered.
  • Patients can pay bills immediately with only a few clicks, resulting in faster payment and higher collection rate.
  • You save on postage and paper.
  • It's better for the environment.

PCG Statements automatically deals with the problems that can arise with electronic statement delivery.

  • If the patient's email address is not on file, the statement will go out on paper.
  • If the patient doesn’t read the electonic statement, a reminder can be sent via email, phone message or text message.
  • If, after a defined period of time, the patient still hasn’t read the electronic statement, it will be sent out on paper.
  • The history of each statement is tracked: which statements were sent electronically/on paper. When the patient read the statement is also tracked.

PCG Statements tracks the process providing a complete and easy-to-understand record of the statement sending process per patient.

Online payments

  • Statements have a web address that patients can use to electronically pay their statement, resulting in faster payments and higher collection rates.
  • Patients are directed to the PCG Portal where they can make quick payments online.
  • Compatible will all lockbox services.

Address correction

  • PCG Statements provides advanced address correction. All addresses are validated and standardized to match postal service requirements. For addresses that the postal service doesn’t recognize, PCG Statements notifies you and allows you to update the address before it gets mailed.
  • PCG Statements reports back to you all the address corrections, forwarded addresses, and invalid addresses. These can also be sent back to your integrated PM/EHR system to be updated there.

Flexible, custom layouts including color

  • PCG Statements provides a complete layout editor that allows for extensive statement customizations. Your statements look the way you want them to look.
  • Duplex (two-sided) printing is supported, too. The back of the page can be used for transaction data, and general information, providing significant paper and cost savings.
  • Color makes statements clearer and brings attention to special messages that need to be communicated to the patient. PCG Statements supports color.
  • Letters can be attached to statements based on age, location and other criteria. Great for marketing campaigns.

Credit card processing

  • Practices can sign up for credit card processing / on-line payments quickly and easily without the the extensive bureaucracy that some other vendors necessitate.

Flexibility and integration are the keys to efficiency, lower cost and higher payment rates. PCG Statements lets each patient decide how to receive statements, electronically or on paper.

The practice can design any layout, including color. and can automatically attach letters and marketing collateral by demographic.

Patients are directed to make online payments via the PCG Patient Portal.