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No-shows are costly

Engage your patients with meaningful reminders. Encourage your patients to make the right health decisions even when they are not with you.

Throughout the day, PCG Remind delivers automated reminder messages to patients according to their preferences, saving time and money for doctors, practices, staff and patients alike.

Automated, secure notifications

  • Patient reminders and recalls are sent via phone, text message, email, secure email. postal mail, fax and social networking
  • Once the rules are set up, reminders are automatic
  • No need to upload reminder schedules
  • Reminder reports are generated automatically
  • Supports recalls and follow-up notifications

Multiple-reminder technology

  • Send out multiple reminders via multiple methods. For example, schedule an email reminder to be delivered 3 days before the appointment, a phone call 2 days before the appointment, and send a text message reminder 2 hours before the appointment.
  • Reminder messages can vary by location, provider, appointment reason, department and more. PCG can support just about any workflow.
  • Patients indicate their preferences and PCG Remind responds accordingly.
  • Patients can opt-out of receiving reminders or out of specific reminder methods.
  • Failover allows reminders to be sent out an alternate way if the primary way fails.  For example, if reminders are set to be delivered via a phone call and the patient’s phone line is busy, the reminder can be sent via text message.
  • Send only one reminder if multiple family members have an appointment.
  • Messages (phone, text, email, letters, etc) can be sent to patients who didn’t show up for their appointment, asking them to reschedule and explaining how that isn’t fair to the office.
  • Reminders via email, phone and text message allow patients to confirm or cancel.
  • Real-time contact of patients who are late.
  • Track bounced emails and divert to an alternate reminder method when the email does not get delivered successfully.
  • Track the delivery of text messages.

Immediate notices

  • Notify patients if the doctor is running late or needs to cancel/reschedule.

Audit trails and Surveys

  • An easy-to-understand audit trail of all reminders and their status is always accessible.
  • Satisfaction surveys can be sent out automatically after visits

Se habla español

  • Support for Spanish.

Doctors can let patients know when they are running late or need to cancel or reschedule.