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Proactive notification increases patient satisfaction

Patients appreciate the practice that stays engaged. Stay in touch with patients and communicate interesting information about your practice. 

PCG Notify provides electronic and printed notifications for collections, lab results and marketing. You save time and money.


  • Any type of collection letter can be generated.
  • Prepay Letters: Send requests for prepayment before surgeries.
  • Secondary Insurance Letters: Send letters to patients informing them of the current status of the payments expected from their secondary insurance carriers.

Lab Results

  • Normal Results Letters: Send letters or make phone calls to patients who have normal results. This frees up practice resources to talk to patients about abnormal results.
  • Unreachable Patient Letters: Send letters to patients whom the office couldn’t reach by phone to inform them of results.


  • Inform patients of new services.
  • Inform patients of new staff, new locations and any other important developments
  • Keep patients engaged with the practice.
  • Extend the power of your PM and EHR systems to direct marketing campaigns to certain demographics.


The key to today's successful practice management is patient engagement.

With PCG Notify, you can provide proactive information regarding financials and clinical data.