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Patient Communications Gateway™ enhances the relationship between doctors and their patients via advanced communication services. It brings doctor-patient communications to a level that is not possible with any PM or EHR system alone.

PCG adds the dimension of electronic communications to traditional methods such as phones and mail. It integrates a flexible, Web-based patient portal and secure text messaging, allowing patients to select their preferred methods of interaction. PCG does the rest.

PCG quickly integrates with existing medical systems, enhancing services to patients while reducing the workload on staff and saving practices considerable time and expense. It services very large clinics by handling tens of thousands of simultaneous communications including telephone calls, text messages, emails and mailings.

Practices and clinics can integrate PCG with their current systems. There is no need to buy additional equipment. PCG resides in the cloud, remotely and securely bringing doctors and patients together.

Vendors and resellers can extend the capabilities of their systems and services by integrating PCG with their PM, EHR and other systems.

PCG's eDoctorLink patient portal is certified for MACRA/MIPS Compliance and can be employed by healthcare providers to meet the objectives that require the use of a patient portal.  We help practices reach MACRA/MIPS Compliance patient portal requirements!

PCG Consists of Four Core Modules

PCG Portal™

The cloud-based patient portal manages appointments, provides secure messaging, enables viewing of test results and input of demographic data by patients, and much more.

PCG Remind™

With PC Remind™, the practice gains efficiency with automatic patient reminders and recalls via phone, text message, email, secure email, postal mail, fax and social networking.

PCG Statements™

Practices can design clear and flexible eStatements with on-line payments and many unique features that enhance patient response and satisfaction.

PCG Notify™

Practices can notify patients about their payments, appointment status or any other communication based on parameters that they define. Practices  can create any number of custom electronic and printed letters for collections, lab results, marketing and more.

PCG Comes Loaded with Important Features

Full Integration with PM and EHR Systems

PCG features automatic and seamless bi-directional integration with any practice management or electronic health record system. Vendors and re-sellers can easily integrate PCG, the industry's most complete doctor-patient communication system, and obtain all of its benefits.

Cloud-based, No Equipment to Buy

PCG is accessible from any device including laptops, tablets and smartphones.  PCG does not require additional equipment or the practice's phone lines.

Private & Secure

We have been securing sensitive patient data and practice records for nearly three decades.  We are leaders and it shows throughout every module and aspect of what we do, Micro-Office Systems is HIPAA compliant.

Implement the Features You Need When You Need Them

PCG is modular. Practices can integrate any of the modules as needs evolve.

The Practice Sets the Rules

The practice can send notifications and reminder messages according to each patient's preferred method, text message, email, etc.. Failure detection and automatic re-sending via alternate methods make sure that the communications succeed.  Each practice or clinic sets its own rules!

Benefit From Our Experience

Our three decades of experience with medical data integration and healthcare system interfacing guide every aspect of PCG design and functionality.  When we set out to create the ultimate doctor-patient communications experience, we created a solution that doctors and patients not only could use right away, but would want to use right away.

Save Time & Expense

Scheduling, reminders, tracking, billing, statements, notifications and more are all controlled from a simple, cloud-based interface, accessible from anywhere. Practices can spend more time on patients, and less time on administration. No equipment to buy and maintain!