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We make it easy to make big changes

As our partner, we work with you to make data migrations and archival easy to
plan, manage and execute.

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Partnering with Micro-Office Systems

We develop long-term relationships with vendors, hospitals, and IT firms and consultants to deliver consistent, predictable data migrations and archivals that our partners can rely on.


We know scoping and pricing data migrations and archival can slow down your sales process and potentially put the entire project at risk. We make it easy to include data conversions into your proposals through a streamlined process for pricing. And we are positioned for timely migrations so your clients don’t have to wait months to implement a new solution.

We have performed thousands of conversions to date. We regularly migrate dozens of popular systems and have extensive experience converting one-of-a-kind products. See our Medical Data Conversion page for more information on the systems we support and the types of data we can convert.

As a partner you can expect:

  • Timely conversions - don’t delay the sale or the migration
  • Long-term relationship – we can offer a streamlined process for pricing so reps can quote and not hold up sales 
  • On Time delivery – we meet the demands of tightly scheduled projects
  • Breadth – no need to try and manage multiple conversion service partners, each with different skills and terms


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IT Firms and Consultants

Looking out for your clients’ best interests is paramount to managing your reputation as a leader in your field and a trusted partner in major IT decision making. We work closely with you to make sure you are delivering the best results every time. And we support you at every step of the process of archiving or migrating data from legacy systems into the new systems you have painstakingly researched and recommended.

We have migrated thousands of healthcare systems over the past 25 years with a focus on data integrity, compliance, timeliness and a coordinated effort. Our experience and track record help validate your reputation and our collaborative approach will keep you informed and your clients confident all the way through the migration process. Find out more about our services at our Medical Data Conversion page.

In addition to our migrations services, please explore our PCG system – a next-generation patient communication system for medical practices being recommended by the leaders in IT services and consultants.


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For large hospital systems, moving legacy data into your chosen PM/EHR system as you migrate can be overwhelming. Important considerations are compliance, oversight, clarity of communications and stability.

For the last 25 years, Micro-Office has been migrating healthcare data with a focus on data integrity, compliance, timeliness and a coordinated effort. Partnering with Micro-Office will give you peace of mind as you update practices throughout your system or migrate practices in.

For more information on the systems we migrate and archive, visit our Medical Data Conversion page. 


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