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Data is a vital asset

Convert your healthcare IT system to the system of your choice

Make your transition with confidence

“Go Live” by your target date 

At Micro-Office Systems, we have proven expertise in extracting, manipulating, and moving data between practice management, EHR, and other medical information systems.  We devote ourselves to ensuring a smooth, efficient data conversion process.

Secure and smooth data extractions and conversions

The decision to upgrade your healthcare IT system is a challenging one.  With decades of experience behind us, we are here to see you through a worry-free transition. We have developed a vast library of data extraction and conversion techniques which make for successful, complete data migration.

Solutions customized to your needs

Our specially engineered software engine is at the core of our repeatable, modular conversion process, assuring consistency across conversions.   Our proficiency in a wide variety of application systems, environments, data protocols, and coding systems provides us with the flexibility to produce customized conversions specific to your needs.  Our innovative migration tools accelerate conversions and minimize downtime. 

Your satisfaction is our top priority

Whether you are a healthcare administrator, hospital, medical practitioner, software vendor, or reseller, you can be confident that your conversion will be accurate and complete.  We stand behind our conversions and make sure that you are satisfied.

We convert these types of data and more:

  • Demographic 
  • Clinical (visit summaries, lab results, allergies, conditions, medical history, family history, social history)
  • Financial (charges, payments, insurance/patient responsibility) – balanced to the penny!
  • Work Flow  (appointments, recalls, referrals)
  • Images (scanned documents, x-rays, ultrasounds)
  • Documents (Word, PDF)
  • Free Text


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MOS has successfully migrated thousands of EHR and PM Systems.  You can see a list of software that we offer data extraction and conversion services for (bear in mind when you visit the link, even if you are using a system that doesn't appear in the list there, we can probably migrate your data to or from it anyhow.)