EMR data conversions they easy way!

What to do with old data

Practices are changing practice management systems faster than ever before.  Old data needs a home and it is not necessarily with the new PM system.  Practices that are selling to hospital systems, or retiring, may want to control their own archived data while ongoing practices may not want to pay for very old records to be converted.

Practices will generally find that attorneys will suggest that all records are kept indefinitely, however, paying for a PM system that is obsolete, just for access to old records, will get expensive fast. 

Also consider obsolete server operating systems, these are a risk.  Practices keeping old servers because the archival system (maybe support was turned off?) depended on the old OS are especially cost effective to extract to PDF based systems.  Old OS are a HIPAA issue.

Are you paying for storage of images?  Cloud based systems are great for multi-location practices, however, expensive to store old, frequently accessed images.  Images are ideal for extract and transfer to an archival system to improve the speed of you primary PM system and lower cloud storage costs. 

Most systems can have their data extracted and archived to an Adobe PDF based system that can be accessed from most computers capable of running Adobe.   This means that a patient’s records can still be accessed, just like they are now, without the PM or the ongoing support.

Reducing ongoing support, storage costs, improving server and system performance are all great reasons to extract archival data from a PM system to an Adobe PDF format.  Click here for more information about data conversions and extracts.