Patients too old for your portal?

Think your patients are too old for your portal?  How surprised would you be to see that Facebook users over the age of 55 have exploded 80.4% over the past 3 years?  How about 1.5 million page views per week for AARP on Facebook?

This group may be slow and steady, but they are embracing portals too.

Its a change for them too

For patients over 55, they have decades of experience in calling you for an appointment.  These patients will not just change because you have a portal to use, you will have to ask them to change.

And not just once, one way.

More than 1 way

Changing the behavior of your over 55 patients is a marketing effort, like any other.  You will need to ask several times using several channels, just like marketeers do for other products and services.  How many different ads have you seen today for car insurance or mortgage refinance?  Several, bill board, Google ad words, tv, radio, even on the ‘free’ app you have on your phone that gets ads.

We have found that a combination of functionality on the portal and frequency in asking is important in adding users to a portal.  Pointing patients to you portal from your statements is a good place to start.  Adding messaging on recall notices and other patient marketing pieces works too.  Asking in office is always good, but be careful of the ‘rut’.

You have probably already asked your staff to collect emails from patients.  If you are not monitoring how many emails get collected per day, you may be surprised why.  It only takes 2 or 3 patients to push back on giving their email for you staff to quit asking for good.  They remember the bad experience, without positive reinforcement, that is all they will remember.

Its not going away

Given the explosion and almost universal market penetration of businesses in all industries selling and conducting business online, don’t let the few patients, who may just be having a bad day, derail your portal efforts.

We can help to ask more often, more consistently and with better results.  An 80.4% increase in Facebook usage by users over 55 years old, means they can, we can help convert them to ‘they will’.