Does your recall process help your business?

Most practices utilize the default methods of their practice management system to drive their recall process. These default methods typically are limited to wellness exams or a manual process of identifying patients to contact.

The Patient Communications Gateway can utilize any data point in a PM system or data stored by the patient in their portal, to contact patients for appropriate treatment or follow-up.

Consider the following criteria for your recall:

No missed appointments
No past due balance
Elevated A1c
Makes appointments online
Approved swipe and hold for their balance
Updated insurance and demographic data online

What if you concentrated your efforts to contact these great patients? Our gateway does the outbound communications and can listen 24/7/365 for a response.

The number one reason for weak recall performance is inconsistency of the workflow. PCG automates the outbound contacts so you know your patients, the right patients for your business, get the attention they need to make that next appointment.

Learn more about what we do, see our video.