The frustrations of staying an independent practice

We see it time and again, a practice that calls us frustrated with the amount of work they have to do for an insurance company, just for the chance to get paid.

And that payment does not seem to be keeping up with the expenses related to the insurance claim.  And then you still have to collect a patient balance.

The ultimate frustration of the practice is that they think they have little control over who comes in the door and if they will be paid for that patient.

In reality, a practice can thrive when they change the way their recall system works.  The fatal flaw in most common practice management systems is that the system cannot distinguish a great patient that pays on time, never no-shows or has a card on file for their balance from a patient that does none of those.

When practices are able identify these great patients, they can concentrate their efforts and begin to take control of their business with patients that will be partners with the practice.

It does not happen overnight and you must be available to these patients when they are. 

The Patient Communications Gateway is built for just this.  From identifying the patients to contact, to contacting the patients (in the way they want) to managing the 24/7/365 ability to respond to the patient, PCG can concentrate the best patients in your practice and remove the drama from your practice.  It’s even automatic, it will work even if your practice is not open.

End the frustration of independent practices and concentrate your attention on the great patients that are already in your practice.

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