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We pride ourselves on three decades of uncompromising quality

Micro-Office Systems was founded in 1985 to craft custom medical practice and healthcare IT solutions that expand and maximize the benefits of existing practice management, electronic medical record, and clinical systems and infrastructure.

For nearly 30 years, Micro-Office Systems has been endeavoring to help the medical practice operate more efficiently with lower overhead costs and better service.

As a true partner to our clients, we are dedicated to long-term relationships. In addition to partnering to grow the practice and revenues, we provide vital resources such as conversions, interfaces and patient portals.

Our software integrates thousands of systems performing millions of transactions across disparate healthcare systems all over North America.

Executive Team

Micro-Office Systems' people are national healthcare IT leaders with decades of healthcare system experience. We have worked with practically all of the well-known PM and EHR systems. Today, we are acknowledged as experts in interconnecting and integrating the wide range of healthcare systems in order to boost their value to healthcare providers and patients.

Patient Communications Gateway

PCG is an integrated patient and doctor portal that medical practices use to streamline every aspect of bi-directional doctor-patient communications. PCG’s advanced communications and sophisticated integration with existing medical systems enhance services to patients while saving practices time and money. Patients are able to access and update their medical information and appointment scheduling via their computers, tablets and smartphones.

Healthcare IT Interfaces

Hundreds of MOS interfaces currently connect a wide range of medical systems with batch and real-time data transfer. Built for scalability, our interfaces are cost-effective from low-volume batch file transfer to high-speed, high-volume real-time transaction processing. Our interfaces integrate easily with PM and EHR systems providing a new level of integration that enhances data accuracy and transfer speed.

Data Conversions / Extractions

With nearly three decades of experience converting numerous PM and EHR systems, we have developed the software and processes for capturing legacy data and re-formatting it for immediate use in new systems. Speed and accuracy of conversions are enhanced and new systems come online faster with MOS conversion capabilities.