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Archive or Migrate your MicroMD data to the system of your choice with

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MicroMD data migration

The decision to upgrade your healthcare IT system is a challenging one. With decades of experience behind us, we are here to see you through a worry-free transition from your current MicroMD solution. We have developed a vast library of data extraction and conversion techniques which make for successful, complete data migration.


MicroMD data archival

Retiring old servers can eliminate security risks and reduce maintenance or upgrade expenses. We have been archiving medical data for over 30 years and can help you start clean with your new EHR system while avoiding having to convert tons of old data and retaining the ability to look up historic MicroMD and current information.

  • Easily comply with State and Federal regulations for patient records retention with minimal investment
  • Handle requests for old patient records with the click of the Print button
  • Stop paying wasteful support fees to legacy vendors, just to maintain access to old records

Our Medical Data Migration Services Include:


Data Extraction &

  • Extracting data from the old system, whether data, documents or images. See data types below.
  • Transforming data for a new system, either as an intermediate format for a new vendor to complete, or directly into the new system

Data Archival &

  • Compiling legacy data into an archive that can be viewed as needed, enabling the old system to be shut down.
  • Data can be viewed locally through our PDF Archive or hosted in the cloud through our PCG Archive Service.

Enhanced Data Transformation

We can also provide advanced data services to help you:

  • Split up practices (by doctor)
  • Remove duplicate patients and master codes
  • Merge Practices
  • Purge old and dormant data

Migrating and Archiving Your Data:

We can convert and archive all the MicroMD data your practice relies on, including:


Patient registration | Insurance coverage | Account notes | Balances | Preferences | Provider Relationships


Charges | Payments | Insurance/Patient Responsibility – Balanced to the penny!

Work Flow

Appointments | Recalls | Referrals

Discrete Clinical

Visit Summaries | Lab results | Allergies | Conditions | Medical History | Family History
 | Social History | And More


Scanned Documents | X-Rays | Ultrasounds


Word | PDF | Free Text

We Provide Medical Data 
Archival and Conversion For:

Our Data Conversions And Archivals Are:

  • security.pngSecure & Compliant
  • accuracy.pngAccurate & Consistent
  • coordinated.pngCoordinated & Efficient
  • delivered.pngDelivered On-time
  • flexible.pngFlexible To Your Needs

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Why choose Micro-Office Systems for your MicroMD data conversion or archival?

We have been archiving and migrating healthcare data since 1990 – over 26 years! Over that span, we have gained the most wide-ranging experience of any company performing conversions.

We have a deep understanding of what goes into a successful data conversion and know how to avoid common obstacles of on-time delivery. Through our experienced team and our proprietary platform, ConversionMaster, we extract, convert, and archive your data with:


Protected from beginning to end - first and foremost, your data must be kept secure from beginning to end of the process. HIPAA regulations govern the privacy of patient data, but even more important is the security of your data which contains highly-prized patient identifier info. With MOS, your data never leaves the U.S., and is only accessed by U.S. based staff. The highest encryption standards are used in transporting the data from your facility to ours and back. We also confirm with you the plan for archival and destruction of copies of the data.


Faithfully reproducing your data - you have been entrusted with patient’s healthcare data, which is used to make healthcare decisions affecting their lives. You also have legal requirements to maintain copies of the records for a number of years. We take this responsibility seriously, to ensure we migrate the data as completely and faithfully as possible.


Team effort with all parties - A successful conversion is a close collaboration between the practice staff, our conversion specialists, and the new system vendor. We are experts at facilitating the planning, communications, validation and final performance of the conversion with the participation of all parties.


Delivered when agreed - you have cleared the doctor’s and staff schedules. Trainers have their flights scheduled and this is the only slot they have available for several months. All of the equipment is ready, and everything now depends on the converted data arriving on schedule. We work hand in hand with you to meet the milestones and schedule that have been planned.

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We have performed over one thousand data conversions since 1990!

Visit our medical data conversions 
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medical data migrations we regularly
 perform and the EMR and EHR 
systems we support.

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Your Satisfaction Is Our 
Top Priority.

Whether you are a healthcare administrator, hospital, medical practitioner, software vendor, or reseller, you can be confident that your conversion will be accurate and complete. We stand behind our conversions and make sure that you are satisfied.