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We make MicroMD do more for you

Got MicroMD? In addition to interfaces and conversions, we've developed useful add-ons to extend its capabilities.


The AnyReport utility delivers your own custom reports. Reports can run as a Windows shortcut or a batch file. Your reports can be displayed visually, sent to a printer, or emailed as an attachment (in a variety of formats, including PDF). AnyReport's numerous features include "relative dating", where you can, for example, deploy custom reports so that your reports for the previous month are run at the beginning of each month and are waiting for you in your inbox or on your printer.

Admin Utility

Over time, a MicroMD PM database can become clogged with duplicate entities, unwanted data, etc. We have developed AdminUtil, database-level utilities, for performing database cleanup.


AnyCode provides a robust, complete solution for loading codes into MicroMD PM. We provide AMA and CMS code databases customized for AnyCode as they become available. AnyCode also allows for entering codes and fee information from your own data (in csv format).

Outlook Interface

The Micro-Office Outlook Interface will replicate the MicroMD PM appointment schedule into your Microsoft® Outlook client. As appointments are scheduled, moved or cancelled in MicroMD, the information will be reflected in near real-time on the Outlook client.

Patient Merge

The Patient Merge utility detects and merges duplicate patients in MicroMD PM. You end up with a clean and complete merge of patient and patient-related data such as demographics, policies, cases, and all financial information.

Procedure History Viewer

The Medical Manager-to-MicroMD PM conversion process from Micro-Office Systems does NOT convert charges from Medical Manager that were paid off and archived to procedure history. However, this information IS provided in the form of a Microsoft Access database that is distributed with the converted MicroMD dataset. This data can be viewed directly, and reports from within Microsoft Access can be run to view the data.

Refund Check Writer

The RefundCheckWriter generates refund checks for patients or insurance companies based on the filters you set. After the checks are printed, the transactions are automatically posted back to MicroMD PM. This application can be integrated into the MicroMD menu.

Micro-Office Systems is THE expert in MicroMD. We have created numerous interfaces and performed many conversions to and from MicroMD.  You can see a list of interfaces right here. We can quickly deliver interfaces for any system even if it doesn't appear in the list.