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Do more with Medical Manager

Got Medical Manager? We not only interface and convert data to and from the Medical Manager, but we've also developed useful add-ons to extend its capabilities, in particular, using the Data Merge Language (DML).

AnyReport For Medical Manager

A tool that allows users to quickly generate custom reports of Transactions, Patients, Appointments, Clinical history.

AnyCode For Medical Manager

AnyCode allows users to look up codes from complete Procedure, Diagnosis, Physician and Facility codebooks from within The Medical Manager. The Import function is used to add codes to the support files of a new or existing Medical Manager site. For an existing site, it can fill in missing codes, mark codes that are no longer valid, and update descriptions. With procedure codes, it can update Global Days and RVS values.

AnyMPI: Master Patient Index

The AnyMPI utility allows an organization with multiple datasets to locate a patient in any dataset.

Dataset Merge / Synchronization

The dsMerge utility is used to merge two or more datasets that were formerly maintained independently, and now are to be a single dataset. There are several levels of merge possible.

NSF to ANSI 837 and ANSI 835 to ERS

AnsiTransformer converts outbound NSF 3.1 claims into ANSI 837 and then submits your ANSI 835 response into the Medical Manager ERS system. These two applications are available individually.

Customizable Functions & Applications

  • Account Functions
  • Activity / Collection Functions
  • Recall / Clinical History / Hospital Rounds
  • Appointment Functions
  • Support Files Functions
  • Label Functions
  • Purge Functions
  • Rebuild / Fix Functions
  • Administrative Functions
  • Display Menu Functions
  • Specialty Functions
  • Multi-Dataset Functions
  • Any-Report Reporting Tool
  • Data Merge Reports
  • Other Data Merge Applications

We have written and continue to write interfaces and conversions to and from Medical Manager.  You can see a full list of interfaces that we've written right here. Even if you are using a system that doesn't appear in our list, we can quickly create the interface for it.