Turning Data to Insight

If you were to ask a physician how their front desk staff was performing, what would the physician say?  Given that most training in a medical practice for administrative positions is ‘here is your seat, there is the restroom, ask the practice manager when you get stuck’, what data would the physician use in determining this?

A typical practice probably has millions of rows of data in their data system, even if it has been in use for just 2-3 years.  So there is plenty of data, turning that data to insight is the issue.

Consider 2 measures for staff that book appointments:

1.       How many patients left your practice today without their next appointment?

2.       How many appointments are scheduled in the future with a patient balance owed?

Before you go and look for these reports in your PM system, don’t bother.  We can help, of course, more on that later.

What is the impact of this?  The average balance for medical debt transmitted to a collection agency we work with is $175.00.  The average for a wellness exam or a 99213 visit is around $75.  Miss one of each per day and that adds up to $65,000 per year missed.  More than you are paying the front desk staff.

Further, it is not just loss from the inaction, but you must pay again to get the patient rescheduled or to make more contacts for the A/R follow-up.  How much depends on how vigorous your policies for follow-up are.

Turning this data into insight is a matter of reporting.  Taking action and improving the situation requires a constant view of the data that Micro Office Systems can provide.  The front desk staff needs to know their score, the office manager needs to know all the scores and a practice owner needs to know historical trends and performance.   

Combining financial, patient, schedule and clinical data is generally not an easy task for the typical OM system.  Micro Office Systems architecture breaks down the data silos of most PM systems to bring better patient communications and insight from your transactional data.

See the list of PM systems we know and contact us to find out how we can improve your insight for your practice.