Secret Patient Shopper Report

Understanding for your patient engagement

Patient satisfaction is a critical component for today’s leading medical practices.  Key to that satisfaction is how easy it is to contact your practice and how friendly, accommodating and engaging your team is over the phone.

Our Secret Patient Shopper Report provides valuable feedback for practice owners about how well a phone call is managed.

How the Patient Secret Caller Report works

We will call your practice five times, using the main phone number provided, at different times of the week and day and we will try to book an appointment as a new patient.  We will ask several questions and record our results.

The patient life cycle defines the workflow of the patient experience

What we report

We will report:

  • When we make our call
  • How any rings until answered
  • How was the phone answered
  • Was there a time on hold
  • What was going on in the background (that we can also hear)
  • How long a wait until a new patient appointment can be made
  • Were any options given
  • If we had to leave a message
  • Other impressions of the call

Our report is delivered via email to the practice owner.

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