Pre-Visit patient registration saves time & aggravation

Pre-Visit patient registration saves time & aggravation


Think you need an email address to take advantage of pre-visit patient registration?

Think again.

If your reminder communications system only works on email or texting, then you are missing out on Micro Office System’s ability to mail, the old fashioned way, forms before an appointment.

Paatient engagement is 24/7/365

A consistent and automatic system is what we provide.  When a patient makes an appointment and there is no email address, we can send a communication that includes your new patient forms and other information about their visit.

We can also send a ‘review’ of that form for a patient to update for subsequent visits.

We suggest that mail is reserved for older patients first.  This population will typically not utilize a portal anytime soon.

Of course, we can point to your portal in these messages and you might be surprised.

Not every outbound communication from your practice needs to be in an electronic format, you do need an automatic system that supports your staff so that they can focus on higher value work.

Use technology to drive a communication in the way your patients want to listen and respond.