How our clients manage patient payment

Practice management systems are not keeping up with patient payment needs

Still billing once every 30 days?  Making phone calls and leaving messages?

Our clients have taken control of their patient payment process with consistent messaging and data management.  Using a system frees up staff to take the calls when patients want to pay.

First, send better statements, faster, with email delivery.  We will deliver the billing email twice, if we see that neither were opened, we send a paper statement, all within 5 days.

Second we send contacts to remind patients to look to their email and go to your portal or contact your office, to pay their bill.  No email for a patient?  Our system can call or send mail if desired.

Past due patient payments age fast, collect early!
How much do you want to lose?

Third, every patient that pays you online is another phone call that your front desk can take.  Further, reduce your PCI compliance fees, eliminate the risk of patient card information in your practice from payment stubs.

Fourth, start reminders at 30 days.  Our A/R follow-up reminders are diplomatic, consistent, professional and effective.  There is no substitute for asking early and often.

Fifth, move accounts to a collection agency with confidence.   Clients that are contacting patients several times in 90 days know what kind of patients they are dealing with.  Distracted patients are one thing, get help with the deliberate debtors.

Give your staff the best tools to manage your revenue so they can focus on the patients in front of them.