EMR data conversions they easy way!

EMR Data Conversions

EMR Data Conversions the easy way

We can agree that changing practice software can be a time consuming and difficult job.  Especially since practices have to outsource this unusual task.

Its expensive too, if left to your new vendor.

Managing EMR data conversions is where Micro Office Systems got its start.  And 30 years later, we are still the best option for converting and managing your conversion.

Do you need a choice?

Are you stuck with an old vendor that is charging a lot and will have no ‘skin in the game’?  When will they ‘get to’ your project?

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Something different

Want to quit paying for an application you no longer use but need access to the data?  Consider a data extraction utilizing PDF documents.  We can extract your legacy data and convert that to a searchable database you can host.  Then quit paying for the old system, great for not spending a lot to update servers with only archived data.