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Delivering Medical IT Solutions for Three Decades

We craft the connectivity solutions that bring medical IT systems together, maximizing value for provider and patient alike.

Patient Communications Gateway™ (PCG)

Patient Communications Gateway™ (PCG) is a cloud-based (equipment-free), patient-engagement service that streamlines doctor-patient communications. It supports legacy and electronic modes of communications enabling patients to access their medical records easily and securely while enhancing the means for patients to manage appointments, make on-line payments and perform many other useful functions.

PCG’s easy integration with existing practice management (PM) and electronic health record (EHR) systems extends and automates services to patients while saving time and money for medical practices. The PCG patient portal is Meaningful Use certified.

Healthcare IT Interfaces

Our interfaces bridge the communication gap between healthcare systems. They enable the transfer and synchronization of patient, clinical, administrative and financial data, improving efficiency and patient satisfaction. Today, our interfaces are interconnecting thousands of disparate systems and are transferring millions of records and files efficiently.

Medical Data Conversions

Migration to a new Practice Management or EHR system requires careful conversion of the data from the legacy system according to the requirements of the new one.  We have years of experience supplying the tools and processes that have performed hundreds of data conversions reliably and smoothly, resulting in quick and accurate migrations to new systems.

Decades of Experience

Micro-Office Systems was founded nearly 30 years ago to:

Craft custom medical practice solutions that expand and maximize the benefits of software packages and infrastructure.

We are one of the leading providers of interfaces that connect and leverage the capabilities of a wide variety of medical systems.

We have developed numerous system migration tools and processes that speed up accurate conversions from legacy to modern practice management and electronic health record systems.

Our Patient Communications Gateway™ is the culmination of many man-years of medical IT experience into a comprehensive, modular system for helping medical offices improve engagement with their patients.

We have served hundreds of satisfied re-sellers, vendors, practices and clinics over the years.  We pride ourselves on efficiency and service, and welcome the opportunity to work with you, too.